About us

Nikah.su (now Nikah-Anketa.ru) is a Muslim dating site for starting a family. To avoid fitnah, communication between the sexes must take place with the consent and in the presence of the wali (guardian) of the bride. The purpose of this resource is to help in finding a life partner, therefore communication between the same sexes on the site is strictly limited. Any actions that do not contradict Sharia law, as well as the goals and purpose of the site are permitted.

Attention! It is not recommended to send money to other users for charity, relocation, etc., as they may be scammers. You are responsible for all your lost funds.

    It is prohibited on the site:
  • Flirt;
  • Post other people’s photos, photos without a hijab, or any other pictures except your photo;
  • Place contacts in the profile (contacts can only be transferred to the guardian (uali));
  • Use profanity, offensive or boorish statements;
  • Use this site for advertising, commercial or charitable purposes;
  • Spread deliberately false information;
  • Re-register under a different name or information;
  • Actions contrary to the framework of Sharia or the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Use the site for the purpose of dagwat, dispute or discussion;
  • Use the site for political purposes.

The administration has the right to delete a profile without warning and without explaining the reasons. When registering, you agree to site terms of use and privacy policy.